New: DARPA Opportunities

You wouldn't just cross the street whenever you feel like it. You wait until you see an opening.

Two ways to get results:

1. Pitch your idea at a random point in time,


2. Wait for an opportunity. Then go for it.

Either method works.

But too many people stick with the first method. They don’t stay in close enough sync with the Agency to take advantage of their latest initiatives.

In other words, they walk straight into existing traffic.

So from now on, The Initiative will cover some of the most promising current opportunities to work with the Agency.

Latest DARPA Opportunities

For now, these will be selected. Not exhaustive. If you see value in hearing about DARPA Opportunities without having to dig through complex government websites, let me know and The Initiative might cover these more thoroughly.

These could be new FBO solicitations. Or new program managers who join the Agency and thus need to connect with new people (i.e. you) — so they can establish a network and project portfolio.

Take a look at the opportunities below. Share if someone you know would love to hear about them:


Bridging the Gap Plus (BGPlus)

Solicitation seeking new approaches to treat spinal cord injury.

Advanced Corrosion Control (Polyplexus)

Project on the Polyplexus platform (which is effectively a DARPA incubator) seeking to improve understanding of fundamental corrosion processes.

Focused Pharma

“Focused Pharma aims to develop new drugs that target specific neurotransmitter receptor signaling modes to deliver near immediate relief that is generalizable across indications and individuals.“

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